I also wanted to say that I went out there last week for the first time
since they were starting the clearcut. What an absolutely fantastic job
they did! I can't believe how meticulous he was with the feller-buncher!
It was a perfectly executed silvicultural clearcut!

When I was out to visit during the harvest, the road was a total (and
expected) mud-pit. They did a fantastic job closing it out and smoothing it over. Waterbars were well-installed and crossings were pulled and streambeds re-established. Textbook. I'm really happy with the quality of work the crew did. Thanks so much!

Wendy Weisiger
Society for the Protection of NH Forests



Honesty, Integrity and professionalism are three adjectives to describe L.E. Taylor and Son, Logging Contractors from Porter, Maine. As a professional forester managing small private woodlots, it is essential to be able to employ the services of reputable logging contractors to carry out the timber harvesting goals of the property. When the decision to harvest involves the use of whole tree harvesting equipment, L.E. Taylor and Son is my first choice.

Always very cooperative and willing to go the extra mile to accomplish the objective and to satisfy the customer and forester, L.E. Taylor and Son is a pleasure to employ in the management of these private ownerships. I highly recommend their services to landowners. For further information contact Peter W. Pohl, New Hampshire RFP #94 at peterwpohl@msn.com or 603-284-6666.


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